Student Captivates Classmates

            On January 9th of this year, the seventh grade were treated to a phenomenal presentation on India. What made it so great was the fact that the hour-long presentation was given by Dhriti Rathod, a seventh grader. On the TV screen, we saw that  Dhriti had developed her program using PowerPoint at a level not normally seen by high school students.

            Her program included a discussion on Languages, Clothing/Fashion, History, Schooling, Currency, General Knowledge, and a Game.  We learned that there are 466 languages in India including Hindi, Gujarati, and Sanskrit.  Dhriti showed the symbols for some words. Next, we viewed colored pictures of the clothing worn by different groups living.  Dhriti made her presentation wearing a Patiala and Kurta.  While girls wore different types of clothing, boys are limited to jeans, khakis, and a collared shirt.  Following this we learned of some of India’s history, heard an interview about schooling with her grandmother. We then quickly heard about the differences between India’s currency and ours learning that 67 Rupees is equal to one dollar. The last item in this catalog of information was General Knowledge, which is actually a subject in Indian schools just like math or English is in our schools.

            To finish up the presentation, Dhriti had devised a “Jeopardy” type game which involved pairs of students coming to the front of the room to match –off against each other to answer questions about the presentation.

            Finally, she had the ingredients to make Bhel, an Indian food.  It consists of mixing puffed rice, diced potatoes, pomegranate, onions, a mild chili mix, and a puree of dates and tamarin.  The students loved it.

            All-in-all, Dhriti did a fantastic job of preparing and presenting a program that captivated the students for over an hour.