Financial Aid

Dear Financial Aid Applicant:

CVCS stands committed to providing a Christian school education to all families regardless of their social and economic status.  We do not believe that God would have us eliminate anyone because of their inability to pay; however, CVCS is accountable to God for its wise stewardship of finances.

We recognize families desire impartiality and respect for their privacy concerning finances; therefore, Development Testing Services will evaluate your financial need.  The application process is described below.

  • Step 1: Complete the application in its entirety.  Since all types of assistance require an evaluation of your family’s need, a Tuition Assistance Application must be completed (please refer to the application for processing options and related fees) and submitted to the Confidential Financial Analysis Processing Center not later than May 4, 2018.  In addition, a copy of last year’s Federal Income Tax Return must be provided to the CVCS Admissions Office by May 7, 2018.  If you believe you have unusual or extenuating circumstances which you would like the Financial Aid Committee to take into consideration, please provide a letter of explanation to the CVCS Admissions Office as well.  The personal information, which you are required to provide in applying for financial assistance, will be kept in strictest confidence.

Please be advised that CVCS considers awarding financial assistance to those applicants who

(1) have paid their 2017-2018 tuition and fees in a timely manner;
(2) have submitted their application to the Confidential Financial Analysis Processing Center by May 4, 2018 (including all documentation requested for the verification process);
(3) have submitted a copy of their 2017 Federal Income Tax Return to CVCS not later than May 7, 2018. 
Unfortunately, applicants who do not submit all of the required documentation by these deadlines may not be considered for financial assistance.

  • Step 2: Before your application for financial assistance can be considered by CVCS, the student(s) must be registered and accepted by CVCS for the upcoming year. This requires that a new family be interviewed and accepted with the CVCS registration fee paid in full for each child.
  •  Step 3: The Development Testing Services will provide CVCS with a report indicating the monthly amount your family can contribute towards your child(ren)’s education.  The Financial Aid Committee will then consider all applications individually and determine a level of assistance for each family within the framework of the operating budget for the forthcoming year.
  • Step 4: You will be notified by the Admissions Office in writing around  July 15, 2018, of the amount of financial aid that can be granted, as well as the procedures for how that aid will be provided and the payment plan chosen by the family for the remainder of the cost

Please be advised that in the event of a change in your financial circumstances during the review process or the 2018-2019 CVCS school year, you must report it to the CVCS Admissions Office.  Should CVCS determine a family has not reported any changes in financial circumstances during the review process or the school year, the financial assistance will be withdrawn.

If you have any questions or need assistance in completing the application, please contact the Admissions Office at (717) 264-3266, extension 147.

In His Service,

Financial Aid Committee

School registration number is 43266

Application cost $30


Current Income – From 4 Pay Periods from Each Job. (Whether you are paid weekly or monthly, you will need 4 previous pay stubs. This may include papers explaining income from Social Security, temporary aid, food stamps, child support or alimony).

Expenses – Monthly

  • Mortgage/Rent (primary residence).
  • Auto payments.
  • Credit Card/ Student Loan/ Short-term debt statements.

Expenses – 3 Months Average

  • Child support/Alimony.
  • Monthly utilities (electric, water, heating fuel, garbage, cable & Internet, Main phone).
  • Monthly insurance (auto, health, vision, dental, life) exclude portion deducted from pay.
  • College Tuition (not room & board, supplies, loans, savings plans).
  • Employment related child-care.
  • Regular (monthly) medical expenses.

Income Items from Previous Year

  • Disbursements from investment income or IRA.
  • Disbursements from children’s trust fund(s).
  • Federal Tax Return (1040) – most recent.
  • Federal Schedule SE, if self-employed.
  • State Tax Return, most recent.

Asset & Liability Information

  • Value of IRA’s and other retirement accounts.
  • Estimated home value AND debt.
  • Estimated value & debt of other real estate (non-income producing).
  • Cash, cash account, and other investments.

If You Own a Business (in part or full)

  • Business Tax Return (first 4 pages).
  • An accounting of current assets (cash assets, payable, receivables, not including building, equipment, inventory.)