Annual Fund

                                                                                                                                    December 2020

Dear CVCS Family,   

Cumberland Valley Christian School has now more than ever become a light in our community.  In March when our reenrollment opened and COVID-19 restrictions began, we were unsure what our 2020-2021 school year would look like.  Through many prayers, our Administration, board, faculty, and staff kicked off our school year in August with in-person education.  This year alone we have over 104 new families and 150 new students.  

The need for supporting families in Chambersburg and surrounding areas is great.  I receive phone calls daily from families wanting to enroll their children into CVCS.  Parents know the value of in-person education and see the need in their children’s lives.   

Cumberland Valley Christian School is devoted to our community and our families.  Not only do our faculty and staff impact our students’ lives, you do, too!  Without the support of our Annual Fund donors, Cumberland Valley Christian School would not be able to be a light to these families.  By giving to our Annual fund, you will have a direct impact on the students and families at CVCS.  Your financial support will be used to continue providing a quality education with a Spiritual Foundation to each one of our 450 students.  

I am excited to share that our Annual Fund for this school year will be going towards our #morethanscience campaign.  Our students and faculty are looking forward to the hands-on learning and educational experiences the new state-of-the-art science lab will bring to CVCS.  I challenge you to give and be a light that changes lives today. 

In Christ’s Love,  
Mrs. Amy Garvin