Bus Transportation


Welcome to another school year. We are anticipating a safe and successful school year. Please read the CVCS School Bus Safety Manual that you can access online.  You will find the manual on the forms page under parent resources. After you have read the entire manual, please sign the signature page and have your student return it to their teacher during the first week of school.

We would like to remind you to be at your student(s) assigned school bus stop 5-10 minutes ahead of time. These times are approximate the first week of school as we work through traffic patterns/issues.

If your student is not going to be riding the school bus in the morning, we ask that you call the Transportation Department at 264-3266, ext. 153. If no one answers, please leave a message with your child’s name and bus # they ride. Please do not call your bus driver. The bus driver is busy getting themselves, their family and the school bus ready for the day. Also, they may not be driving their route that particular morning.

If you have any questions concerning your students assigned bus stop, please contact the Transportation Director. Please do not approach the bus driver at the school bus stop due to safety issues. Also, the bus driver does not have the authority to make any changes to the school bus route.

Thank you for your understanding on these matters.