Creative Writing Festival Superior Rating

Cole Heck, an 8th grade student in the 2016-2017 school year, received a superior rating at the regional level for his poem at the Creative Writing Festival.  His poem, Family Train, will be published in a book with all of the other superior-rated pieces from our region.  Cole will receive a copy of the book as well as CVCS.  Congratulations, Cole!

Family Train

My family is like a hard working train.

Working through the sun and rain.

Making no stops day or night.

Being careful to do what’s right.


My dad is the engine pulling the strain.

He works the hardest and never complains.

Hauling the logs and hauling the wood.

Setting the example the way that he should.


My mom is the conductor calling us on.

Waking us up in the morning at dawn.

She’s always getting us where we need to go.

When we ask her a question, she will always know.


Taylor is the first car in line.

She is always sleeping in and never on time.

Most of the way, she’s chugging along.

Happily singing a little song.


I am the Middle car, I push and pull.

I’m slick, shining, and cool.

I am strong, I am fast.

Always friends with the other trains we pass.


Laurel’s the baby, our little caboose.