Creative Writing Festival

This year, the 4th – 8th grade students at CVCS participated in the Creative Writing Festival.  Each student was required to write a short story, poem, or essay.  The students worked on their pieces in class from November through January. 

After the pieces were judged by the teachers, 46 of our students had their pieces move on to the Creative Writing Festival in January.  The pieces were mailed away and judged by three additional teachers from other schools within our region.  After the pieces were judged and the scores were averaged, each piece received a rating of good, excellent, or superior.  Of the 46 pieces that represented CVCS, 13 were rated good, 32 were rated excellent, and 1 was rated superior.      

This year, Cole Heck (from Dr. Lunsford’s 8th grade class), received a superior rating.  Cole’s piece has advanced to the regional Creative Writing Festival.  At this point, we are awaiting the results of the regional festival.  At the regional festival, each piece will once again be judged by three different professionals.  The scores will be averaged, and another rating will be given.  If Cole receives a superior rating at the regional level, the piece will be published in a book containing all of the superior pieces from within our region.

The Lord has blessed many of our students with exceptional writing abilities.  We are very proud of all of the students who participated in the Creative Writing Festival.  Their written words can become a powerful message to further the Kingdom and can be a shining light for Him.