High School

Our high school consists of students in grades 7 through 12. We consider grades 7 and 8 as junior high and 9 through 12 as high school.

Our curriculum includes basic as well as honors courses, and our students receive a superior, well-rounded education. Our students take classes in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Computer and Foreign Language as core courses. We also offer classes in Music, Art, Home Economics, Physical Education and Industrial Arts. Additional courses are available through our Virtual School program. We also have choir and a drama team for grades 7-12. Our full list of classes is included in the CVCS Parent-Student Handbook.

We use a traditional classroom setting and purchase our textbooks from a variety of Christian and secular publishers. We choose textbooks that meet our philosophy, as well as those textbooks with the strongest teaching material for each subject.

The high school has a well-equipped computer lab, which meets the needs of students in this technological age. A library is located in the high school building.

Our school features a hot lunch program at a minimal cost. The lunches include a meat, fruit, bread, drink, and salad bar. Students may also pack their lunch or bring food from home to heat in a microwave oven.

Our junior high students compete in the Association of Christian Schools International District 6B Spelling Bee, Creative Writing, Speech and Math. Our high school students can also compete in ACSI Fine Arts events.

Our varsity athletic teams include baseball, basketball and soccer for boys, and basketball, cheerleading, soccer and volleyball for girls. We also have a co-ed golf team.