Mock Trial team wins

The Cumberland Valley Christian School Mock Trial team has been preparing over three months to present the fictional case of Taylor Edsel. He is accused of burning down his workplace. It is a case created the Pennsylvania Bar Association for high schoolers throughout the state to pretend to be attorneys and witnesses in competitions against other high schools. The students are scored by practicing attorneys in how well they present their case and the team with the highest score is declared the winner. The competition is tough. Pennsylvania has one of the largest Mock Trial competitions in the country.

CVCS is the only school in Franklin County to participate in the competition and has completed trials against Cumberland Valley High School and Big Spring High School. Both trials took place in the Franklin County Courthouse. Both trials resulted in wins for Cumberland Valley Christian School.

The CVCS students for the Defense were: Aaron Johnson, Jacob Russell, Grant Carter, Thomas McVey, Tahra Kennedy and Shelby Heckman. When they defeated Cumberland Valley, Grant Carter was named Outstanding Attorney for the Defense and Shelby Heckman was named Outstanding Witness.

The students for the Prosecution were: Shelby Heckman, Olivia Russell, Sofia Robinson, Taylor Heck, Nick Bryant, and Bri Miley. When this group defeated Big Spring, Sofia Robinson was named Outstanding Attorney for the Prosecution and Taylor Heck was named Outstanding Witness.