National History Day

National History Day is an opportunity for students to explore subjects that interest them as they learn to research and present information. CVCS has been participating in this national competition for over ten years.

The national organization creates a theme and students develop a research project related to that theme. This year’s theme is Conflict and Compromise. Students may write a research paper, create an exhibit, design a website, produce a video or perform a skit about their research. The big day is January 5th.  There are some assignments along the way we, as a school, have developed to track the progress students are making. The first one is the Proposal which is coming up October 4. We are looking to see if information can be found about a chosen topic and what students might be thinking of doing more research on. If you need more information on any part of this research activity, see Mr. Johnson’s website – – which has everything you need. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Mr. Johnson. His school email is tjohnson at cvcsblazers dot com