Welcome To CVCS Preschool

At Cumberland Valley Christian School (CVCS) your child will receive a high quality education that is rooted in Biblical truths and principles. Our preschool program will help prepare students to be successful in Kindergarten and in life. We create a loving and caring environment in each classroom to help children learn and grow spiritually, academically, and socially.

K3 & K4 is run as a school class room. We follow a schedule and have structured lessons.  Appropriate behavior is expected from every student. We follow the CVCS dress code as well as the discipline code. Appropriate behavior, obedience, respect to teachers and classmates is expected of all students.  Inappropriate behavior has consequences of discipline.

In K3 your child will be introduced to basic skills and knowledge. Then in K4 your child will master these skills and build on them.  K3 and K4 go on field trips and participate in chapel.



  • Potty Trained – All bathroom issues must be taken care of before entering K3 & K4. This means EVERYTHING! Please make sure your child(ren) can wipe themselves. They must be able to clean up after themselves if they have accidents in their pants, and to use the toilet correctly, dress themselves, and use all bathroom facilities by themselves before entering K3 & K4.
  • Must be age 3 by September 1st of the current school year to enter K3.
  • Must be age 4 by September 1st of the current school year to enter K4.



  • CVCS does offer bus transportation for students that are 4 by the first day of the current school year.  
  • Children under 4 must be dropped off and picked up at the school.


K3 & K4 Skills

  • Basic knowledge and truth of God and the Bible
  • Recognizing Colors, Recognizing Color Words.
  • Colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Black, Brown, Orange, White, Pink, Gray
  • Recognizing Shapes, Tracing Shapes, Drawing Shapes. Shapes:
  • Square, Circle, Triangle, Oval, Rectangle, Heart, Star, Diamond, Pentagon, Hexagon, Octagon
  • Recognizing Numbers, Counting Numbers, Tracing Numbers, Numbers: 1 -10.
  • Recognizing Letters, Tracing Letters, Phonics of Letters. Letters A-Z.
  • Opposites /Matching
  • Sequencing/Patterns/Sorting
  • Rhyming
  • Tracing/Cutting/Gluing
  • Calendar-days of the week, months of the year, holidays
  • Social skills – how to play and interact with other children.



K4 Special Classes

  • Gym    
  • Art    
  • Music    
  • Computer


K3 & K4 Performances

  • Grandparents Day    
  • Pastors Day    
  • Christmas Program    
  • K4 Year End Program