Race For Education


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All students who complete and return the following # of qualifying sponsor mailings (or more) by the deadline and walk/run on the day of the race are eligible for the mentioned prizes:


Casual Day Prizes

* Casual Day will include shorts. Specific guidelines and dates will be sent out in the weeks to come. Please make sure you read them thoroughly*



12 sponsor mailings – 1 Casual Day & CVCS Drawstring Bag

20 sponsor mailings – 2 Casual Days & CVCS Drawstring Bag

25 sponsor mailings – 3 Casual Days & CVCS Drawstring Bag

30 sponsor mailings – 4 Casual Days & CVCS Drawstring Bag

35 sponsor mailings – 4 Casual Days & CVCS Drawstring Bag + a CVCS Race For Education t-shirt or                                         $15 iTunes/Google gift card


Grand Prizes

Based on individual student’s completed qualifying mailers (not a combined family total)

*Deadline to turn in mailers for ALL Prizes is


One Grand Prize per family or household

Top 3 highest quantities in each grade level will win (please note the grade levels and minimums below)

HS Gold

7th – 12th Grades

HS Silver

7th – 12th Grades

HS Bronze

7th – 12th Grades


K3 – 6th


ELEM Silver

K3 – 6th


ELEM Bronze

K3 – 6th


Highest # of mailers 2nd highest # of mailers 3rd highest # of mailers Highest # of mailers 2nd highest # of mailers 3rd highest # of mailers
(min. of 150 mailers) (min. of 100 mailers) (min. of 50 mailers) (min. of 150 mailers) (min. of 100 mailers) (min. of 50 mailers)
Apple Airpods $100 Amazon Gift Card Sony XB10



Apple Airpods $100 Amazon Gift Card Sony XB10




Race for Education

Prize/Participation Rules (for all prizes/awards)

In order to be fair and to keep costs low and be wise stewards of our supplies, we have put in place a few guidelines for all prizes and participation:


**Failure to follow and/or abide by any of these rules will result in elimination from eligibility of any prizes.  Also, should we receive any complaints about mailers, the student will be disqualified from any prizes**


  • Deadlines for turning in completed mailers:
    • For qualification for all Prizes – Completed mailers need to be submitted (paper or electronically) by April 13th– NO EXCEPTIONS.


  • Do not send Race mailings to anyone that the child or his/her parent does not personally know. Please do not open the phone book, a directory, or internet search and send mailers to random people, businesses, etc.  This ultimately has a negative impact on CVCS and fosters negative relations between the public and our school.  We have received complaints in the past and would like to avoid these issues for the future.  Additionally, sending mailers to people who are not going to financially support our cause costs CVCS more money in supplies, postage, and time than we will raise.


  • Only ONE mailer per student should be sent to the same household/address. These will count as one mailer for all prizes. (For example: Do not send one mailer to the husband and one mailer to the wife.)


  • Duplicate mailings from siblings – siblings can each send a mailer to family, but should not do so for those outside the family. Remember the goal is to raise money to support CVCS.


  • Do not address sponsorship mailings to fellow CVCS families or CVCS staff unless you have received their approval in advance.


  • Students cannot send sponsorship mailings to other students.


  • Grand Prizes are based on the highest # of qualifying, completed mailers returned per student by the April 15th This is not a combine family total.


  • Only one Grand prize will be awarded per family or household.