School & School Bus Note Policy

ALL students must submit a note to the school/teacher if they are NOT riding the bus home for any reason (i.e.: play practice, doctor appointment, parent picking up, etc.).

The school/teacher is required to know the whereabouts of each student. The bus driver does NOT need to know if a student is NOT riding the bus home.

School/School Bus Note Policy:

ALL students must submit a note to school for the following reasons (parents can email office/teacher):

  • Illness (specific)
  • Tardy/Early Dismissal
  • Parent Pick-Up
  • Getting off their assigned bus at a different bus stop with another student
  • Riding a different bus home with another student.
  • Getting on a different bus in the morning (Note from parents needs to be handed to the bus driver when student boards the bus or email/call Transportation Director).

Lower/Upper Elementary: Students will be directed by their teacher to turn in all school/school bus notes to them.

High School: The students & homeroom teacher will be responsible for remembering and reminding the students if there is a change in their PM schedule.

Bus Driver: Only needs to know if a student needs to get off at another designated bus stop or if a student is riding a different bus.

Turning in Notes/End of Day Dismissal:

Bus Slips are required by Pennsylvania for students who do not normally ride a particular bus or getting off at another designated bus stop other than their assigned stop.

Students are to submit their notes to their homeroom teacher/office first thing in the morning. Their teacher/office will fill out a Bus Slip for them. The student must hand the Bus Slip to the bus driver upon boarding the bus. If they do not have a Bus Slip or they hand the bus driver a handwritten note, they will be sent back into the building. This could cause your child to miss the bus in the afternoon. The buses do not wait for a student to return to the bus with a Bus Slip. Once the bus drivers are given the “all clear” signal to leave, students are not permitted to exit the building for their safety due to the buses moving.

Buses do not return to school in the afternoon to pick-up any student who missed the bus. The office will call the parents to come pick them up.

Thank You.