Frequently Asked Questions: Dual Enrollment

What is the enrollment process?

You will need to speak with the college your student has decided to attend (virtually or on campus). You will need to let CVCS know which course your student has chosen so it can be substituted for the CVCS equivalent. You will still need to pay for the high school credit. Please note: dual-enrollment classes run one semester (or sometimes 8 weeks long) this means that a dual-enrollment class will only count for half a high school credit, you are more than welcome to take another dual-enrollment class in the following semester.


What is the cost?

There will be no deduction on your CVCS bill and you will need to pay the college’s fees for the course. You will save hundreds of dollars at the college level as courses are often offered at a third of the price.


Can I keep track of my student’s grades?

To view grades for Dual-Enrollment you will need to work with the college. Policies may vary.


What if my student doesn’t like online school?

Colleges often give a student a certain amount of time to drop a class; if the deadline is reached you may lose a portion or all of your money.


How are the classes graded and how heavy is the workload?

The grading scale for college classes may vary from college to college. The assessment tools and work load will also vary; many schools use a point system throughout the course as opposed to a percentage grade.


Will I have to pay for textbooks?

Yes, you will have to find whatever textbooks are required. You can find most books at the library or online.


Will my student be responsible to anyone in a virtual class?

While a teacher is monitoring and working with the student the student is ultimately responsible to turn in homework. Dual-Enrollment requires a self-motivated student. Please contact the Virtual School Director to discuss if this option is right for your student.


Will the virtual class have a live teacher?

Not in most cases, the college classes are much like CVCS online classes. The teacher is not virtually with the student every day, but is available by email to answer question.


How do the high school and college credits work out?

Most online college courses run anywhere from 8 weeks- 18 weeks. Because college courses run half a school year college courses count for half of a high school credit. If your student takes a college course he/she is exempt from the CVCS equivalent course for that half of the year.